Khalid & Disclosure – Know Your Worth

The addressee of “Know Your Worth” comes off as if it is a female who is in a toxic relationship. The implication is that her partner abuses her in some way, shape or form. And her being so used to such treatment accepts it as the norm. Indeed it is revealed that she has low self-esteem, as she does not feel that love is real unless such demeaning factors exist in a romance. 

So Khalid sees it as his goal to ‘pick her up’, as in make her feel better about herself. And the way he is going about doing so is by touting her “worth”. In other words, he perceives her as being more precious than she does herself.  And he wants her to likewise adopt a more self-appreciating attitude. The desired result is not only to make her more optimistic, considering that she is in a bad relationship. But it is also to make her overcome her general depression to the point where she will no longer tolerate such abuse. 

So perhaps the best way to describe this song is as it being based on an attempt by the singer to raise the self-esteem of someone he is concerned about.

Know Your Worth

Facts about “Know Your Worth”

RCA Records and the Right Hand Music Group released “Know Your Worth” on 4 February 2020.  It made its debut that very day via Zane Lowe’s World Record, which is presented by Apple Music.

Upon its release, it became the third single from the third album of Khalid’s music career. It was preceded by the singles “Eleven” and “Up All Night“.

Contrary to what many think, this song isn’t the first time Khalid is working with Disclosure. It is actually the second collaboration between Khalid and Disclosure (Guy and Howard Lawrence), the latter being the musical duo who produced and co-wrote “Know Your Worth”.  Their first collaboration, 2019’s “Talk”, was a huge hit worldwide.

The other co-writers of “Know Your Worth” are Khalid and Jimmy Napes.

Khalid first teased this song via social media on 24 January 2020.

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  1. Krystalina says:

    This song is very personal to me. Helping me with my own situation. I’m 34 years old and trying my best to move past a 16 year TOXIC relationship. My new man helping me rebuild myself, and doing his best to deal with me. God bless him!!! He spoils me in anyway he can. Not used to it @ all. I thank God for putting him on my path.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m a domestic violence advocate and this song jumped out at me as an anthem of self-love. Thank you, Khalid!

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