Meaning of “Persona” by BTS

“Persona” is a very-introspective rap track coming to us from a part of the world where many fans would least expect – South Korea. This song’s deepness can be traced to two primary sources. First off is that the rapper, the talented RM of the boy band BTS, actually raps throughout basically the entire track instead of frequently repeating hooks and choruses. Additionally, the background of the song is partially based on the theories of renowned 20th century psychiatrist Carl Jung, who himself was a deep thinker.

The primary theme of “Persona” is RM (aka Rap Monster) questioning who he is as an individual. One of the reasons he finds definitively answering this question such a challenge is due to the influence of other people’s beliefs on his life. He also acknowledges his dark side, which he has named “hesitation”.

Lyrics of Persona

Furthermore, RM brings up self-doubts and “flaws” he has (as someone in the spotlight). At times things get so bad that his regrets literally make him sick.  He also mentions that he has created a false image of himself. But now he is here to bear his soul – as in present who he truly is – to the world. And in the process, he is admonishing himself to never lose touch with this hard-fought reality. Indeed he feels that his real personality is not only what he, but is also what the masses prefer. And who RM is as a person is someone who wants to be free and serve the people through his lyrical skills.

What all of these complex self-realizations ultimately boil down to is “Persona” being a song about the personal growth of RM.  Owing to this, fans of BTS and this track in general have used it to start the “Persona Challenge” on social media, where they are likewise tasked with documenting their own individual development throughout the years.

Quick Facts about “Persona”

  • RM are credited as the writers and producers of “Persona”.
  • March 27, 2019 was the official release date of this track.

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