NF’s “Hate Myself” Lyrics Meaning

By this time, fans of NF are well aware that he has a plethora of mental issues. And just by reading the title to “Hate Myself”, we know that he is relaying this song from a negative psychological disposition.  But hopefully doing so also proves to be therapeutic.

However, there is no sign that such is actually transpiring in this song. Instead the chorus centers on the idea of NF sympathizing with others who “look so misunderstood”. And whereas he has the genuine desire to “help”, ultimately he lacks the wherewithal to do so since he is dealing with his own matters, as in ‘hating himself’.

The verses shed more light on what this actually means. NF is simply unable to find “peace” in his soul.  This is largely due to the fact that, once again, he is questioning the direction of his life. Indeed we think it is safe to conclude by this time that NF’s success as a popular musician has been both a blessing and a curse to him. That is to say, as he points out in the second verse, that even amidst his prosperity he still lacks “hope”, as in optimism. And due to the self-hatred he is suffering from, he is reluctant to be in the public spotlight, on top of occasionally manifesting ‘suicidal thoughts’. He also brings up and then shuns the idea of finding mental relief via intoxication, which are also common themes in his music.

Ultimately what this all boils down to seems to be NF expressing that, even though he is not in a position to fully capitalize on the love he is given by his fans, he is still appreciative of it. Indeed he goes as far as to state that when he feels as if his fans “don’t need” him, then his “life has no meaning”. And he also expresses regret that he cannot give them what he feels they ‘need’ because he is too “scared”.

So in a roundabout way, “Hate Myself” actually reads like a love letter to fans, albeit NF style. He perceives their emotional and psychological needs, which are very similar to his own. And he wants to help them in any way he can. But at the same time, due to suffering from serious self-esteem issues himself, he has concluded that he is unfit to actually do so.

"Hate Myself" lyrics

Writing and Production of “Hate Myself”

NF and his homey Tommee Profitt both wrote and produced “Hate Myself”.

Release Date

The song came out as part of NF’s highly praised album The Search, which was dropped on 26 July 2019.

Did NF release “Hate Myself” as a single?

No. And talking about singles, The Search was supported by the following singles:

2 Responses

  1. Paige Quan says:

    I think he’s talking to himself… “you look so misunderstood”… like a younger version of himself. But since we hate ourselves we can’t help ourselves. We stay in the self-hatred… till Jesus sets us free that is. That’s what I take from it. Hits home in a lot of ways. I don’t think he’s talking to or about fans here. Great lyrics.

  2. John says:

    It’s about a man that has an addiction and a poor image of himself. He has a girlfriend that needs help with an addiction and poor image of herself and he wants to help her but he is fighting to save himself and with his poor image of himself he can’t help her until he helps and becomes whole himself. Only God can change you and your girlfriend. Church and a belief of something higher than yourself. I have seen God work miracles. But both people have to be willing to be sober and change the direction of their lives. It won’t work any other way.

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