“The Search” by NF

At times NF’s “The Search” reads like a track from Eminem back in the day. But it deals with a whole bunch of topics that are too numerous to be mentioned here. Yet the road they all eventually lead to is NF rapping about himself and his life, indeed different aspects of his personality, as at times he seems calm and introspective, and at others he proclaims himself as a “criminal”. But overall it is safe to assume that “The Search” is intended to be a lengthy display of his lyrical skills. And a solid conclusion that can definitely be ascertained from listening to the track is that the man can rap.

As for the central theme is it based on, NF’s “search” involves him “learning” and “leaving (his) burdens”. And throughout the track he gives more elucidation to what this journey actually involves.  Overall what it seems to indicate is an intention by the artist to turnover a new leaf in life. For instance, he “got a taste of the fame” and realized it was actually poisonous.  Indeed “the search” has led to him coming to deep, spiritually-based conclusions such as wealth being irrelevant when the person who is receiving such suffers from deteriorating health. So basically, what the title seems to signify is a determination by NF to focus less on the material side of life. Instead of chasing after material possessions, he would rather chase after the internal intangibles, such as sound-mental health and the ability to exercise self-control.

Lyrics of "The Search"

Quick Facts about “The Search”

  • NF and songwriter and producer Tommee Profitt co-wrote and co-produced this song. It’s important to point out that Profitt also co-wrote and co-produced NF’s 2017 hit “Let You Down“.
  • Capitol Records officially released it on 30 May 2019. It was the first single of NF to be released in 2019.
  • The music video to this track was shot in Iceland. 

On which NF album does “The Search” appear?

This is the lead single from NF’s 2019 album also entitled The Search.  

8 Responses

  1. maly says:

    this guy is like young Eminem…his music heals

  2. Mary says:

    Anyone know what song he is referencing when he says “Been makin a whole lot of changes
    Wrote a song about that you should play it”? Please reply if you know! ~ Thank you,

  3. Joe says:

    Nothing like Marshall. He is white so all want to put them in the same realm. Hip Hop is not black nor white. Bars, Bars, Bars. That’s what it is.

  4. Alexis says:

    Anyone know the exact name of the place in Iceland where video was made? Its so cool

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