NF’s “Time” Lyrics Meaning

“Time” is a 2019 song recorded and performed by American rapper NF. The lyrics of “Time” center primarily on a romantic relationship the narrator (NF) is in. The relationship would have been like the average romantic relationship except that this one has reached (or almost) reached a point past saving. Owing to this, it is characterized by serious misunderstandings, tensions and fights between NF and his woman. And from all indications, NF is still deeply in love with his woman. He is therefore trying his best to hold on to the relationship. He doesn’t want to lose it and is hoping against hope that time would make things better and make him a better person.

In the chorus, he promises her that he’s “changing” (obviously for the better). This would imply that the bulk of the problems ongoing in the relationship are coming from him. He is aware of these negative behaviors of his that are pushing his lover away and speedily bringing the relationship to its demise. And since he loves his woman “to death”, he makes a vow to do whatever it takes to make things better. NF really wants to change and pleads with her to give him a little time to do so. He is 100% confident that if given some time, he would change and the relationship would bring both of them paradise. So on and on he begs her for just a little more time to save the relationship.

Is “Time” about Bridgette Doremus?

Many believe that NF penned this song for Bridgette Doremus (whom he married in 2018). But are the lyrics really talking to Bridgette? Based on some of the highly emotional contents of the lyrics, we are tempted to believe that the woman NF is addressing in this song is Bridgette. It’s likely he penned this song during a very tumultuous time in their relationship, before they got married. And what makes us even more confident that the song might be about Bridgette is the fact that in the second verse, he talks about buying this woman a ring. He and Bridgette eventually got married in September of 2018.

Lyrics of "Time"

Release Date of “Time”

NF released “Time” via Capitol Records on July 12, 2019. Prior to its July release, he teased the song on Instagram as far back as in January of 2019. The track came out as NF’s fourth single from his 2019 studio album entitled The Search. The following are the other singles from The Search:

Song’s Creation

NF collaborated with songwriter and producer Tommee Profitt to write this song. The pair also worked together to get the song produced.

FYI, Profitt gained fame primarily due to his collaborations with NF. He co-created numerous NF hits, including “Lie” and “Let You Down“.

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