“When I Grow Up” by NF

In the song “When I Grow UP”,  rapper NF time travels in the sense that he narrates the song from an era before he blew up to become to platinum-selling artist that he is today. The words of this song focus specifically on the artist’s pre-fame mindframe, as in NF relentlessly working towards his dream of becoming a rap icon despite certain pitfalls and distractions.

For instance, there was a point in time when, self-admittedly, his “lyrics (were) weak”. There was also the temptation to “go to college” and follow the traditional, 9-to-5 route. However, as aforementioned, his goal was to become a rapper so that he can make enough dough to do things such as “buy a house up in the hills” and leave “a couple mil(lion)” to his “fam in the will”.

The whole track centers on NF recounting his frame of thought as a child, i.e. his fantasies for ‘when he grows up’. And as we all can bear witness to, although it is not mentioned in the song, his visions of hip-hop success actually did come true.

Lyrics of "When I Grow Up"

Song’s Writing, Production and Release Date

“When I Grow Up” was written and produced by NF and Tommee Profitt.

 NF Real Music released “When I Grow Up” as an advance single from NF’s album, The Search, on 27 June 2019. This album (which is NF”s fourth studio album) also features the track “The Search”.

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