“No Idea” by Don Tolliver

In “No Idea”, Don Tolliver is addressing a romantic interest. The sentiments are kinda topsy-turvy, which is indicative of it being more or less a freestyle. So the beginning of the lyrics is centered on the two of them seemingly hooking up for some “nasty” bedroom fun. And the insinuation is that he perceives their relationship to be one akin to a fling. But by the time the chorus rolls around, we find out that she was “so in love”. 

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And Don apparently had “no idea” of that reality, thus the title of the song. But in the second half of the track, he comes off as if he is the one who is in love, and rather this lady was unable to retain it. Perhaps by referring to her as being “too exotic”, he is implying that she cheated or was generally unfaithful. So perhaps conclusively, we can say if nothing else their romance was complicated. And maybe they both had strong feelings for each other which they were not able to satisfactorily display.

Lyrics of “No Idea”

Facts about “No Idea”

This is the song which really put Don Tolliver, a trap artist from Houston, on the map. And although it was released on 29 May 2019, it took a good six months to catch on with audiences, owing its ascension to the influential social-media platform TikTok. In fact its social-media presence ultimately led the “No Idea” appearing on three Billboard charts, including the Hot 100 itself.

The particular rendition of “No Idea” which trended on TikTok is said to be DJ Purpberry’s Chopped and Screwed remix of “No Idea”.

And the original version of the song was produced by CuBeatz and Canadian-Nigerian artist WondaGurl (both of whom also co-produced the Chopped and Screwed remix).

Moreover WondaGurl assisted Don Tolliver in writing the song.

The labels behind this track are Atlantic Records, Cactus Jack Records, the Artist Partner Group and We Run It Entertainment.

And “No Idea” is slated to be featured on Don Tolliver’s first standard album, which is tentatively entitled “Resurrection”. In fact it is also being heralded as the first formal single from that project.

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