“No Regrets” by Eminem (ft. Don Tolliver)

This song is based on Eminem, being supported by Don Tolliver, stating that he has “no regrets” in terms of the way he has lived his life. However, he is not making such a claim necessarily to come off as being rude. Rather he is doing so specifically in the face of those who persecute him. In other words, Slim Shady presents himself as sort of a victim in this track. That is to say there are many people who hope to see him fail or self-destruct. 

And he also alludes to some notable beefs that he’s had in the recent past in which certain parties even brought his daughters into the fray. But that being said, he isn’t particularly sweating his enemies. Instead he is more or less letting them know that he hardly gives a damn – or rather that he is ever-ready to retaliate. 

So in the most-basic sense, “No Regrets” could be classified as another song in which Eminem uses heavy-handed metaphors to imply that he is superior to his adversaries as an artist and perhaps even in a more street-based sense.  But in this particular case he is pointing out that in many instances he is actually provoked by haters and rivals into adopting such a disposition.

Lyrics of "No Regrets"

Writing Credits

Eminem co-produced and co-wrote “No Regrets” alongside D.A. Doman. And the other writers are J. Thomas, D. Kostov and A. Olofsson.

On which album does “No Regrets” appear?

This song is from Em’s 11th studio album, which is titled “Music to Be Murdered By”. And Em’s own Shady Records is one of the labels that put it out on 17 January 2020.

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