“Oblivion” by Labrinth (ft. Sia)

Labrinth’s “Oblivion” is premised on a depressed, non-progressive psychological state which the singer finds himself in. And he strongly desires an escape from this reality, as in being cast into “oblivion”. Thus he is looking for someone, i.e. the addressee, to ‘knock him out’. That statement is basically a metaphor expressing his desire to meet someone who will help him overcome the aforementioned disposition. 

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And more specifically said person, as revealed in the second verse, is his romantic interest. Or put differently, via her love, the addressee is the only one who can actually “bring relief” to the singer by putting him in a mental position whereas he is no longer cognizant of the funk he is in. 

And whereas Sia does enter the mix in the second half of the track, she does not have her own verse. Thus she basically serves as Labrinth’s backup. And accordingly, she is likewise requesting that the addressee overwhelm her with affection to once again assist in forgetting about the unfavorability of her current condition.

Lyrics of "Oblivion"

Quick Facts about “Oblivion”

Labrinth and Sia are regular collaborators. In fact both serve as members of the musical trio LSD whose hits include: “Mountains” and “Thunderclouds“.

The pair are also credited as the writers of “Oblivion”, which came out via Syco Records on 22 November 2019.  And it is featured on Labrinth’s sophomore album titled “Imagination & the Misfit Kid”.

Labrinth also served as the co-producer of “Oblivion”. He produced it along with another artist he’s worked with in the past, Swedish musician Ilya.

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