“Space Between” by Sia

The “sapce between” which the narrator (Sia) is referring to in the title and chorus of this song actually alludes to a rift that exists between she and the addressee, i.e. her lover. That is to say that the two of them are dealing with serious relationship issues. So the primary sentiment being expressed throughout is based on her desire to resolve this matter. Simply put, she wants to mend the “space between” them, as she has endured as much “fighting” with him as her heart can tolerate.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Sia's Space Between at Lyrics.org.

Facts about “Space Between”

This track was released by RCA Records and another label called Monkey Puzzle on 29 January 2016 as part of Sia’s album entitled “This Is Acting”. Said album consists of tracks which the songstress wrote for other singers. And in fact she had originally given “Space Between” to Rihanna. However, upon realizing that she herself “liked it so much”, Sia asked for the song back, upon which Rihanna complied. In fact “Space Between” is reportedly the only song on the project which Sia actually requested the artist to return.

The official writers of “Space Between” are Sia and Chris Braide.

Braide also produced the track alongside Cameron Deyell.

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