“The Fight” by Sia

Sia’s “The Fight” is philosophical in its approach, at least initially. Indeed as noted in the trivia section, it is the first track on Sia’s album entitled “We Are Born”. And likewise at the beginning of the song, she speaks to how we human beings come into the world “without a care”. Yet as we ‘grow older’ and “become aware”, we also have the tendency to “falter”. And the overall idea she seems to be pointing to in this regard is that life tends not to materialize as idealized.

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However, she is celebrating the fact that despite the “darkness” experienced throughout, she and the addressee have “won the fight”. And all things considered, what she seems to be alluding to is “the fight” to stay together and remain positive despite constant negativity.

Now throughout most of the song, once again it reads as a general philosophical piece, espousing perseverance if you will. But by the time the bridge rolls concludes, it is pretty much revealed that the person she is addressing is indeed a romantic interest. Therefore it can ultimately be deemed that the concept she is singing to is remaining strong and committed in a romantic setting, despite obstacles which may materialize along the way.

Quick Facts

This is the opening track to Sia’s fifth-studio album, “We Are Born”. Both song and album’s release date is June 18th, 2020.

Actually Sia named the entire album after a particular lyric (“we are born“) from “The Fight”.

Sia wrote this song along with a musician by the name of Dan Carey.

And the track was produced by hitmaker Greg Kurstin.

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