Meaning of “I’m Still Here” by Sia

“I’m Still Here” is a 2018 single by the noted Australian singer-songwriter/record producer Sia. In this song, Sia talks about the struggles and hardships she has battled in life.

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From her narration, it is apparent the battle isn’t with any exterior force but with her own self (her own demons). What are these demons? She mentions fighting things such as her shadow and ego. In the song’s chorus, she mentions how the past haunted, tormented and wanted her dead. However, she survived and is “still here”.

In verse 2, she tells listeners how she’s winning the war, winning “against ego” and “lighting the long way home”.

On the whole, we sum up this song as an inspirational anthem. The words of this song can inspire perseverance in the average listener to surmount their struggles – whether within or outside themselves.

Facts about “I’m Still Here”

  • Sia solely wrote this highly inspiring anthem.
  • “I’m Still Here” was formally released on October 12, 2018. It is officially Sia’s fourth 2018 single as a lead artist.
  • The title of this track appears approximately five times in its lyrics.
  • “I’m Still Here” was purposely released to promote Sia’s line of dance shoes. The shoes have Sia’s motivational motto, “I love you, keep going,” inscribed in their soles. Sia collaborated with Maison Repetto to produce these shoes. Repetto is one of the popular ballet-slipper brands in France.

You can listen to the song’s official audio below:


Are the lyrics of “I’m Still Here” autobiographical?

The lyrics are without a doubt based on actual struggles in Sia’s life. Sia has battled with severe drug addiction, alcoholism, the pressures of fame and depression. For example, in 2010, she almost came close to ending her life. She even went as far as writing a suicide note. However, was saved from taking her life by a close friend of hers. According to her, at that very trying time, a small voice inside her head kept telling her it wanted to live.

Based on these very dark points in Sia’s past, it is abundantly obvious this song is about her real life struggles and how she eventually defeated them.

The line “the past wanted me dead” from the song is a clear reference to that dark episode of her life. However, she won the fight and survived. Thus the song’s title “I’m Still Here”.


4 Responses

  1. Sadie Z says:

    This song is about sobriety.
    In the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous ego is known as a character defect contributing to alcoholism.
    Sia is in recovery from alcohol and addiction. She has many songs about recovery. ‘1000 forms of fear’ is also referring to the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous, where it explains that as alcoholics we were burdened by 100 forms of fear.

  2. Phoebe says:

    I really love this song and I can’t stop listening to it because it’s just so amazing……..thumbs up Sia,you’re the best

  3. Dinuka Lakshan says:

    Clear explanation

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sia is all that best that song rings as the same of my history as i listen it gain me more strength

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