“Quit” by Ariana Grande & Sia

The premise of the song “Quit” is that the singer is in a romantic relationship with someone whom she obviously should not be involved with. This is made evident in the first verse when certain individuals who read as if they are her friends or family are telling her not to deal with him. Moreover in the pre-chorus the singer acknowledges that the little “voice” inside of her is telling her likewise. But she does not have the wherewithal to “quit” the relationship, thus the title of this song. That is despite she herself believing that at the end of the day she is “going to regret it”, she has every intent of continuing to see this guy. 

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And the insinuation, based on the second verse, is that what really has her hooked is the carnal aspect of their relationship. But it is pretty obvious that her feelings from him extend outside of the purely-physical realm also, as in she truly being in love. 

Indeed all things considered, “Quit” is perhaps best classified as a love song itself.  For due to her feelings the singer is expressing commitment to her partner despite knowing that by the time all is said and done leaving him would been the better option.

Lyrics of "Quit"

Quick Facts about “Quit”

Whereas this song has yet to be officially released, its recording dates back to at least 2017.  We know this because it is the demo of a song, likewise entitled “Quit”, which Cashmere Cat released alongside Ariana Grande in April of 2017.

This demo was also produced by Cashmere Cat. And he co-wrote the song along with Benny Blanco, Frank Romano and Sia.

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