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PnB Rock

“Now or Never 2.0” by PnB Rock

The track centers on PnB Rock mourning over a slain friend as well as being a bit anxious about his own life. The latter is due to the rapper being surrounded by a bunch of...


XXXTentacion’s “Hope” Lyrics Meaning

This is a song that the late American rapper XXXTentacion dedicated to the victims of a harrowing mass killing. This incident occurred in February of 2018 at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida...

$$$ by XXXTentacion and Matt Ox

“$$$” by XXXTentacion & Matt Ox

This track features two different artists who for the most part play two different roles and deal with two different subject matters. Matt Ox is primarily responsible for the choruses, while XXXTentacion handles the song’s...