“Over Now” by Calvin Harris & The Weeknd

Calvin Harris’ “Over Now” is a breakup song. The vocalist (i.e. The Weeknd) is addressing someone who can be interpreted as his girlfriend. And what he is telling her, as illustrated by the title, is that their relationship is “over now”.

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From the beginning we can see that their romance is all types of messed up. For instance, he acknowledges that she is “getting turnt every night”, a metaphor which apparently points to the idea of her cheating.  Moreover he presents her friends as the types who may be cool in her face but behind her back actually try to take him away from her.

In the second verse it is revealed that the addressee is actually an ex, i.e. someone whom the singer has already parted ways with awhile back. And as true with basically all of The Weeknd’s romantic tunes, it can be deduced that he is actually speaking to one of his celebrity exes. For he states that said individual is “feeding the press” with information about their relationship in the name of garnering “attention”. So this would imply that this person is someone whom the media is actually familiar with. But that being said, he wants her to stop reaching out to him. Or stated conclusively, whereas he does not necessarily have anything against her in the present, at the same time he is not entertaining the idea of the two of them getting back together.

Facts about “Over Now”

The Weeknd and Calvin Harris had been teasing this song via social media for about a week prior to its release. However, its first actual preview is acknowledged as being on 7 August 2020, when The Weeknd performed a virtual tour via TikTok.

This track was produced by Calvin Harris alongside fellow hitmaker Frank Dukes. And they also co-wrote the tune in conjunction with Doc McKinney, Billy Walsh, Sir Dylan and The Weeknd.

“Over Now” was released as a standalone single on the date of 28 August 2020. It marks the first collaboration between the Scottish DJ and Canadian singer.

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