“Better Believe” by Belly, The Weeknd & Young Thug

Lyrically, the primary purpose of “Better Believe” is for it to serve as an exercise in braggadocio. As such the title is most notably based on the vocalist, more specifically The Weeknd in the chorus, asserting his ability to be able to ‘steadily’ remain “on top”, i.e. an alpha dog in the game. 

But he also uses the expression to confirm that haters are real also, and even now his ‘opps are teaming up’, seemingly in a plot to initiate his downfall.

And whereas we could delve deeper into the lyrics of the verses themselves, ultimately such is not really necessary since we have come across songs based on these exact same fundamental themes a million times before. 

For instance, The Weeknd presents himself as being a rich playa affiliated with murderers. And Young Thug goes about doing the same, albeit in a verse that is about half as long. It is only Belly who comes across as being a bit different. For instance, he uses his verse to point to his lyrical skills. 

And although he does allude to being rich, the focus is more on the rapper presenting himself as someone who keeps it real. But then he closes out with perhaps the most overtly tasteless line in the entire song, which we won’t repeat as there’s really no need to, though it apparently insinuates something related to sex of the oral type.


So at the end of the day we can say this is a standard mainstream rap song, though in the case of the chorus with a special emphasis on opps. And the reason why such is notable in this instance is because it doesn’t feature the vocalist threatening to kill them, at least not in the chorus itself. Instead he’s acknowledging their formidability, if you will, as well as the fact that they are ever-present.

Lyrics of "Better Believe"

Facts about “Better Believe”

This track is actually from Belly’s third studio album, “See You Next Wednesday”. And for the record, he and The Weeknd share an established working relationship. Over the years, Belly has contributed to the creation of a number of songs by The Weeknd. 

In fact Belly is signed to XO Records, i.e. a company founded by The Weeknd, which is also one of the labels that put this track out. And the other would be Roc Nation.

The Weeknd has also collaborated with ATL-based rapper Young Thug in times past. However, this marks the first time that Thugger and Belly have gotten together.

The three vocalists wrote this song alongside its producers. And the latter are:

  • Zaytoven
  • DannyBoyStyles
  • The ANMLS (Faris Al-Majed and Richard Muñoz)

The music video to this track, in which Christian Breslauer was employed as director, is reportedly the first in a two-partner.

Better Believe


Belly was actually born in Palestine. However, his family, perhaps fortunately we can say, were able to migrate to Canada while he was still a kid. But that said they still had to deal with issues such as poverty and discrimination. Belly himself reportedly grew up in the ‘hood, thus explaining his style. 

And, actually being professionally active since 2005, he has been able to establish a name for himself musically Up North, though apparently not so much in the United States. In fact throughout the years only one of his singles has managed to appear on the Billboard Hot 100. And that was a collaboration with The Weekend entitled “Might Not” (2015), which still generally serves as Belly’s most-successful song to date.

What Belly said about "Better Believe"

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