“Dance wiv Me” by Dizzee Rascal (ft. Chrom3 and Calvin Harris)

Based on the title (“Dance wiv Me”), style and setting of this track, it would perhaps most commonly be defined as a dance song. But it isn’t one in the traditional sense of the word, as in encouraging all listeners to boogie. Rather this is a more female-focused effort and in fact is aimed at a specific addressee, i.e. a lady who has caught the vocalist’s eye in a nightclub. 

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So all lyrics considered, “Dance wiv Me” reads like a love-at-first-sight song more so than anything else.

The Story

And to make a long story short, Dizzee is spying a lady in the club whom he is sexually attracted to. It is that concept upon which most of the lyrics are based, i.e. the vocalist’s physical attraction to the addressee and his desire to, most simply put, bed her. 

Indeed it would appear that after acquainting himself with her, under his direction they proceed to do some very-dirty dancing. But he’s not content with just making love on the dance floor, so to speak. Rather Rascal wants to take her back to his hotel room, where they can really get intimate.

Part of the vocalist’s pickup strategy, as displayed in the bridge, is complementing how this lady is dressed to the nines. And he is letting her know that he knows she didn’t go out of her way to appear so beautifully just to be alone. And this conversation apparently leads to him encouraging her to dance sexily.

Is “Dance wiv Me” about a One-Night Stand?

Meanwhile the pre-chorus goes on to establish that this “ain’t no ho” we’re talking about here. Indeed whereas on the surface “Dance wiv Me” may seem like your standard one-night stand tune, in reality Dizzee and co. are expressing an appreciation for the addressee beyond just a desire to score quick bedroom fun. 

Then the chorus itself goes on to note that seemingly both the vocalist and the addressee are in the club with their own respective romantic interests, i.e. dates. This contradicts Rascal insinuating that the addressee is “alone” in the bridge as well as the rest of the narrative in general, as there doesn’t appear to be mention of other partners elsewhere. 

But it seems the point the vocalist is ultimately trying to get at is something like his unwillingness to be deterred from pursuing this lady. For just as he’s eyeing her, Dizzee notices the addressee checking him out also.

So again, we can see that dancing is actually a subplot of this piece. Or let’s conclude by saying that Dizzee wants this lady to ‘dance with him’ alright. But the main purpose of that activity is to establish a sexual relationship with her.

"Dance wiv Me" Lyrics

Dizzee’s “Tongue n’ Cheeck” Album

This track served as the lead single from Dizzee Rascal’s fourth studio album, “Tongue n’ Cheek” (2009). Dizzee Rascal, whose discography dates back to 2002, is considered to be one of the pioneers of a British musical genre known as grime, which is more or less the UK’s version of hip-hop music. 

And thus far Rascal has four UK Singles Chart toppers under his belt, all of which came from the aforementioned album. That is to say that whereas Dizzee remains active to this day, his heyday was during the late-aughts. For example, he actually won a number of awards during said decade. But arguably the most notable of them all, a Brit Award for Best British Male Solo Artist, came in 2010.

Dance wiv Me
“Dance wiv Me”

Credits for “Dance wiv Me”

Another popular musician from the UK, Calvin Harris, served as a writer, producer and additional vocalist of “Dance wiv Me”. As such the track is also featured on his 2009 album “Ready for the Weekend”. However, it was not issued as a single from that project.

The other artist who acted as both a writer and producer of this song is the other co-headliner, Chrom3. Additionally Dizzee Rascal and Nick Detnon get writing credit.

This collaboration came into being after Dizzee and Calvin initially met in 2007 at a program hosted by BBC Radio 1. However, to note, the two did not attend the studio together in creating this track and rather communicated, according to Rascal, “over the phone”.

Dizzee Rascal discusses "Dance wiv Me"
Calvin Harris talks about "Dance wiv Me"

More Facts about “Dance wiv Me”

Meanwhile the labels behind this song are Columbia Records, Fly Eye Records, Liberation Music and a company Dizzee Rascal himself founded, Dirtee Stank. 

In fact it was the first track Dizzee issued under Dirtee Stank. And the reason he was compelled to do so is because it deviated from his traditional rap style and more into the mainstream pop territory. And said move was not something that his previous employer (i.e. record label) approved of.

This track was offiically released on 7 July 2008.

Out of Dizzee Rascal’s four aforementioned chart toppers, this song was the first to achieve said feat. In fact it actually debuted at first place on UK Singles Chart and held down said position for four weeks. 

The song also topped the UK R&B Chart, ultimately going double-platinum across the pond. 

Additionally, “Dance wiv Me” charted in Australia as well as a few other European nations besides the UK. For example, it made it to number 3 on the Eurochart Hot 100.

The music video to “Dance wiv Me” was directed by one Mark Anthony Galluzzo.

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