“Own It” by Stormzy (ft. Ed Sheeran & Burna Boy)

The addressee(s) of this song is the romantic interest of the vocalists. In fact it is she who ‘owns it’. The titular term is actually a colloquialism lending to the idea of someone being in “control” of a particular situation. And that situation, we can say, is the vocalists’ hearts. Moreover there are specific things they like about said lady.  One is their physical attraction to her “body”. 

Another is the fact that, particularly from Stormzy’s and Burna Boy’s perspectives, she likes smoking grass. 

Meanwhile Ed Sheeran doesn’t bring up that side of the relationship in his actual verse. Rather his lyrics are based on him being smitten from a more-orthodox standpoint. And overall, such can generally be said to be the theme of “Own It”. And that is, succinctly put, the artists expressing admiration, though from different perspectives, of the woman whom they adore.

Lyrics of "Own It"

Facts about “Own It”

“Own It” marks the first time Stormzy, an artist of Ghanaian descent, has teamed up with fellow West African Burna Boy (from Nigeria). However, Stormzy has collaborated with fellow Briton Ed Sheeran a couple of times in the past, including on the official remix of Sheeran’s 2017 mega hit “Shape of You”.

The three headline artists also wrote “Own It” with additional input from Fred Gibson, the producer of the track.

This is the fourth single to have thus far been released from Stormzy’s forthcoming second album, “Heavy Is the Head”. This was done so on 22 November 2019. And the label behind this project is Stormzy’s own, #Merky Records. “Vossi Bop” and “Wiley Flow” are also big songs that appear on “Heavy Is the Head”.

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