“Hide & Seek” by Stormzy

Stormzy’s “Hide & Seek” is a love song yet sort of an unorthodox one in that the vocalist is addressing a lady who reads like his ex, though not really. That is to say that the first verse especially gives the impression that they may have broken up already. 

But obviously, from Stormzy’s perspective, he does not desire for said separation to be permanent. 

Instead, he’s able to perceive that his significant other needed some me time and apparently, in response, gave her necessary space.

But now, as illustrated in the second verse, he’s ready for the two of them to reengage. 

Yes, this may all be a fancy way of the vocalist putting forth that he’s in love, but more than that he’s under the impression that the featured romance is beneficial to both parties involved. But what’s also being implied is that the addressee is not as keen on the idea of reuniting as he is.

So that then brings us to the title/chorus, where Stormzy is recognizing that in times of need, even now post-breakup it would seem, it is he whom the addressee ‘confides in’. 

So therefore, his logic is like she may as well come back into his life fulltime. And as pointed out in the trivia section, it is interesting to note that the actress they chose for this song’s music video resembles the rapper’s real-life ex, Maya Jama.

Lyrics to Stormzy's "Hide & Seek"

Release of “Hide & Seek”

As of 2022, Stormzy is arguably the top hip-hop artist in the United Kingdom. His third studio album is titled “This Is What I Mean”.

“Hide & Seek”, which is the lead single, was made public on 14 October of 2022. The release of this song is backed by the following labels:

  • UMG
  • #Merky Records Limited (which is Stormzy’s own label)
  • 0207 Def Jam (i.e. the British division of NY-based Def Jam Records)


Stormzy wrote this song with trending Nigerian musician Tems, backup vocalists Äyanna and Owen Cutts, P2J and another artist known as PRGRSHN. 

FYI, Tems is known for such hits as “Wait for U” (alongside Drake) and “Essence” (alongside Wizkid).

The last three names on that list also co-produced “Hide & Seek” with Calum Landau.

Something Noteworthy

To note, Äyanna is also from Nigeria, as are a couple of the other backup vocalists on this track, Teni and Oxlade. As for Stormzy, he traces half of his parentage to the nearby West African country of Ghana.

The woman that Stormzy is seen hugging up on the thumbnail to this track’s music video, though she may resemble his ex Maya Jama, is actually an actress by the name of Saffron Hocking. And Meji Alabi – another Briton of Nigerian origins involved with this project – directed the clip.

Hide & Seek

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  1. Lethiwe Patience says:

    best sonng ever too bad that its an heart breaking song

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even in my dreams, I can hear Oxlade’s vocals. Big ups, man!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This just showed that Nigerians are supereme and an proud of it’…..
    Imagine 3 Nigerians artists help in bring the song forth and making it nice, and the video also shot a Nigeria allign.

  4. doj says:

    love this

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