“Nervous” by Shawn Mendes

In “Nervous”, Shawn shares an experience of the tension one really feels when one finds oneself around one’s crush.

The singer recaps his encounter on one Sunday when he saw his crush and began to feel all the butterflies in his stomach. The fact that the girl he loved looked his way, asked about him and is interested in him, makes him more nervous. The anxiety is actually a mixed feeling comprising of his excitement, the fear of losing her and his self-consciousness. He acknowledges all the strange feelings he gets, because he knows it’s because he is so fond of her that he doesn’t know exactly how to express himself.

Lucky enough, his crush appears to be interested in him as well and even invites him over to her place. However, Shawn’s anxiety doesn’t seem to die down as it is even heightened by the fact that he’s closer to her now. He finds himself acting very differently from his normal self, yet he is inwardly very happy about the mutual affair.

Lyrics of "Nervous"

Writing Credits for “Nervous”

Including Shawn Mendes, there are three writers officially credited with writing “Nervous”. Noted songwriter and singer Julia Michaels is one of these three writers. The other is another famous songwriter by the name of Scott Harris. While this was the first time Julia Michaels worked with Mendes, it wasn’t Harris’ first time. Mendes and Harris had worked together in the past before working on “Nervous”. For example, Harris helped Mendes write his 2017 hit single “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back“.

Date of Release

Mendes release “Nervous” via multiple labels (including Island Records) on 23rd May, 2018. “Nervous” was one of the singles from Mendes’ third album titled Shawn Mendes. The album also featured the following hit singles:

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