Meaning of “Spin Bout U” by 21 Savage and Drake

“Spin Bout U” is a braggadocious outing, the type you would expect from 21 and Drizzy. But since they’re both above-average lyricists, the vocalists are able to take their raps in more intricate directions than your standard hip-hop emcee.

For example, Savage goes about poetically illustrating that he prefers a partner with a low body count. In other words, with this addressee he’s trying to hook up with, the vocalist is hoping that she hasn’t slept with a lot of guys beforehand.

But that said, he’s well aware that she isn’t a virgin and furthermore would have lost her virginity when she was “young and in school”. But that noted, he’s not sweating the “lames” she dated beforehand, being convinced that he’s a better lover. And being so would for example entail 21 being able and willing to financially edify his honeybun’s life, as he understands that as an ambitious young lady, she may instead be tempted to use her body to generate income and move ahead in the game.

Drake steps in

Meanwhile Drake, quite interestingly, begins his passage by poetically lambasting the overturning of Roe v. Wade. That was a highly-controversial decision made by the US Supreme Court in 2022 in which individual states were granted the right to decide whether or not they would allow abortions to remain legal within their boundaries. 

And as we have pointed out in the past, music industry figures who have publicly chimed in on the matter invariably did so in support of a woman readily having access to such services. And so it is with Drizzy who, in a sorta roundabout way, goes on to diss the Supreme Court by referring to them as “men who never got p*-sy in school”, as if John Roberts, Clarence Thomas and the rest of the gang simply weren’t cool like that.

But with that said, the rest of his verse, slightly reminiscent of that of 21 Savage, most notably centers on the vocalist’s touted ability to instantly change a woman’s life. And the truth is that even if Drake doesn’t actually support a romantic interest, just being known as one of his girlfriends would at least afford a lady at least 15 seconds of fame. 

So when he does endorse one – like he sorta did with Sophie Brussaux – what Drizzy is saying is true, that she would then be bound to make headlines. And as rap-love songs often tend to go these days, before closing out he threatens his girlfriend’s exes who may be feeling themselves. Or viewed alternatively, as with his co-star, Drake knows that his lady already has a romantic history.

The Chorus of “Spin Bout U”

The chorus is premised along those same lines, illustrating what it means for the rappers to be in love. And that would apparently include sometimes knocking off a romantic interest’s ex-boyfriend (the same notion the title of the song appears to be based on). 

But more to the intended point would be the willingness to do so as being indicative of the likes of Drake and 21 Savage actually being in love.

“The way you make me feel these days
Somethin’ gettin’ dropped for you, baby girl
Smoke a nigga top for you, baby girl
Burn somebody block for you
The way you make me feel these days
Comin’ out my body for you, baby girl
Wipe him like he snotty for you, baby girl
Comin’ out my body for you”

Release Date, “Spin Bout U”

“Spin Bout U,” officially hit the shelves on November 4 of 2022 as part of the duo’s joint album, “Her Loss.” The album happens to be Drake’s first collaborative album and his 8th studio album. It was however 21 Savage’s 3rd studio album as well as his 3rd collaborative album. Savage had in the past collaborated with Offset and Metro Boomin on “Without Warning” and Metro Boomin on “Savage Mode II.”

To help promote the “Her Loss” album, “Circo Loco” was released as its sole single.


21 and Drake were joined by the following songwriters to compose the song:

  • 40
  • BanBwoi
  • Oobie
  • Dwayne Armstrong
  • Isaiah Brown
  • Noel Cadastre
  • Chris Athens
  • Dave Huffman
  • Les “Bates” Bateman
  • Harley Arsenault

“Spin Bout U” was produced by the following record producers:

  • BanBwoi
  • 40
  • FortyOneSix

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