“Bubbly” by Young Thug (ft. Travis Scott and Drake)

Of course a song featuring Young Thug, Drake and Travis Scott is going to be braggadocious in nature. And of course said braggadocio is going to be based in their wealth and fame and the luxurious, carefree lifestyle being a rich celebrity affords them. 

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So these days when analyzing such tracks, we don’t tend to focus so much on the thesis sentiment, as doing so would be a perpetual act of redundancy. Rather the emphasis is on some of the particular things said therein, such as namedrops.

For instance, name brands such as Porsche, Barneys, Christian Dior, Cartier, Tom Ford and Rolls-Royce (Cullinan) are mentioned in the lyrics. All of the above either manufacture or sell products that are for the most part too expensive for the average person to afford.

There is also an indirect yet apparent reference to Netflix’s Squid Game – which is all the rage as of the writing of this post – that can easily be gathered by anyone who has actually watched the series. 

Also Drake’s label, OVO and Young Thug’s own YSL are given shoutouts. There also may be a bit of numerology going on, with mention of numbers such as “three twenty-five” and “826”. But perhaps the most outstanding thing said is when Drizzy claims to have “been on the charts for 500 weeks”. That assertion, at least as far as the Billboard Hot 100 goes, may be a stretch. But he has thus far scored more consecutive weeks on the Hot 100 than any other artist in history, at 431.

Song’s Title (“Bubbly”)

Also concerning the title, Thugger uses it to point to the idea of his own career being “about to blast off”. So the “bubbly” he would be referring to, metaphorically, is the type that results from opening a bottle of champagne for instance. Well, Young Thug has already achieved his fair share of success. But obviously he is looking forward to even greater achievements and getting more on par with someone like Drake.

Young Thug's "Bubbly" Lyrics

Facts about “Bubbly”

These three early 21st century rappers have an extensive collaboration history teaming up with each other on respective tracks. However “Bubbly” is the first time that they have all participated on a single song.

This track came out on 15 October 2021 as part of Punk, Young Thug’s second studio album. His first was 2019’s So Much Fun, an effort that proved to be a Billboard 200 chart topper. And he replicated the feat earlier in 2021, as part of a larger project called Slime Language 2, which also reached number 1 on the Billboard 200 and to note also featured Drake and Travis Scott.

The three vocalists co-wrote this song with its six producers – Dez Wright, Cardo, Johnny Juliana, MU Lean, Wheezy and Yung Exclusive.

“Bubbly” was issued by the combination of Young Stoner Life (aka YSL, 300 Entertainment, Atlantic Records and the Warner Music Group.


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