Rammstein’s “Benzin” Meaning

On Rammstein’s “Benzin” (which is entirely sung in German), the narrator devotes the chunk of the lyrics ironically dealing with a single topic. And said topic is petrol or gasoline. Hence the song’s title “Benzin”. FYI, “benzin” is the German word for petrol.

Throughout the track, the narrator (Till Lindemann) tells the world of his intense obsession with gasoline/petrol. According to him, gasoline is all he seeks in life and that it’s so precious to him, he’d choose having it above anything in the world. Actually the song is an ironic way of looking at the world’s crazy obsession with oil.

Lyrics of "Benzin"

Is “Benzin” about a Pyromaniac?

Despite the above explanation, a number of fans believe that the lyrics of “Benzin” are about a crazy pyromaniac. And if you are wondering who a pyromaniac is, worry no more. A pyromaniac is someone who suffers from an “impulse control disorder” that prevents them from being able to resist the temptation of starting fires on purpose.

When did Rammstein release “Benzin”?

Rammstein officially released this classic on the 7th of October, 2005. It was actually Rammstein’s first single to be issued from their bestselling fifth studio album which they titled “Rosenrot”. Said album went on to sell over a million copies.

Writing Credits

The members of Rammstein are credited as the sole writers of “Benzin”. The writing credits are therefore as follows:

  • R. Kruspe
  • P. Landers
  • T. Lindemann
  • C. Lorenz
  • O. Riedel
  • C. Schneider

On the production side, the band teamed up with famed Swedish record producer Jacob Hellner to have the song produced.

Success of “Benzin”

In addition to being one of Rammstein’s most beloved songs, this classic holds the distinction of being Rammstein’s first ever single to fly to number 1. This happened when in 2005 (shortly after its release), it reached number 1 in the Finnish charts.

The song also performed very well in Hungary (where it peaked at position number 9).

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