“Sonne” by Rammstein

There is no consensus as to what Rammstein’s “Sonne” is actually about. What is known is that the title is the German word for “sun”, and accordingly said celestial object is heavily referenced in the lyrics. But it is clear that even though the vocalist is in fact referring to “the brightest star of them all”, it can also be said that, in context, the daystar by and large serves a symbolic purpose on this track.

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Some have put forth that the lyrics are meant to illustrate how the sun, as vital as it may be to life itself, also has the potential to destroy, i.e. if over utilized, if you will. And it is obvious that this piece is speaking to some type of imminent disaster, one in which, as inferred in the second verse, a person may control initially, but eventually, it proves too powerful to contain. 

With that in mind, it is interesting to note that Rammstein did plan to use the music video to this song to reference the bombing of Hiroshima, an event in which the power of the sun, so to speak, was utilized as a historically-destructive weapon. But in the end, they decided not to go there.

Vitali Klitschko

What also must be noted is that “Sonne” was in fact written to serve as an entrance song for Vitali Klitschko who, as some readers would already know, was a champion-level boxer circa the era in which this track was dropped. 

By the time all was said and done, Vitali tallied 41 knockouts in 47 fights. In other words, he’s about the last person on Earth who you would want to get punched by.  As such, when Rammstein gets to singing about ‘the sun breaking out of their fists’ and that type of stuff, then such would obviously, as least as originally intended, be a metaphor for Klitschko’s punching power, with him “being the brightest star of them all” in the boxing, if not athletic world overall from the perspective of the likes of Germans at the time.

But again, this song was eventually dropped without his backing. So all of the above considered, it’s really up to respective listeners as to how they decide to interpret Sonne.

This song was not used for its original purpose and as such is by and large open to listener interpretation.

Lyrics to Rammstein's "Sonne"

Facts about “Sonne’

“Sonne” was released through Motor Music and UMG on 12 February 2001.

It is sort of a classic Rammstein track, in that this song was actually referenced on the music video to “Deutschland” – the band’s biggest single to date – in 2019. 

“Sonne” itself was a mild hit, charting in nearly 10 European countries overall and faring most impressively in Rammstein’s homeland, where it peaked at number 2 on the Official German Chart.

This song was written by the six individuals who have made up Rammstein from the jump. These individuals are:

  • Richard Kruspe
  • Paul Landers
  • Till Lindemann
  • Christian Lorenz
  • Oliver Riedel
  • Christoph Schneider

The above-mentioned musicians are collectively credited with producing “Sonne” alongside Jacob Hellner. 

As the story goes, the working title of this track was “Klitschko” due to the fact that it was originally composed to be specifically utilized by Vitali Klitschko, who went on to become the mayor of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. However, he ultimately turned the track down.

The music video to “Sonne” was directed by Oliver Riedel.


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