Rammstein’s “Radio” Lyrics Meaning

This song expresses an appreciation for the titular device from the personal perspective of the singer. That is to say the artist is articulating his love for the radio within the context of being an individual under what would appear to be a repressive regime (a theme touched upon on their single “Deutschland” prior to this one). Within this context, he is “not allowed to belong… see, speak or listen”. 

However, he finds respite from these limitations nightly by tuning in “to the world receiver”, i.e. his “radio”. Indeed listening to these nocturnal tunes would give him a sense of freedom, one in which he is not restricted by the reality of his surroundings. And what he particularly enjoys is “forbidden” and “dangerous foreign notes”, which deductively the authorities would have issues with.

The definitive sentiment expressed is that listening to the radio transported the singer unto another mental plane in which the oppressive circumstances he lived with in real life were virtually nonexistent.

Facts about “Radio”

  • This is the second song on the playlist of Rammstein’s 2019 self-titled album.
  • Rammstein premiered the music video to this song using a projector against the wall of a building in Berlin on 25 April 2019.  Several hundred people gathered to view the “Rammstein action”.
  • This song was officially released at 10:00 a.m. GMT on 26 April 2019.

NOTE: We are unable to include the official music video of Rammstein’s “Radio” because it contains very sensitive material. As soon as we lay our hands on a censored version of the video, we shall include it in this post.

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