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The lyrics of “Wiener Blut” are being poetically relayed from the perspective of one Josef Fritzl, who can be classified as one of the vilest human beings to have ever walked the face of the Earth. You sorta get the impression that the vocalist is a creep via the lyrics, though they do not explicitly tell the full story of Fritzl. For what actually happened is that he imprisoned his own daughter for over two decades, fathering a number of children with her in the process. So it’s understandable that even if Rammstein wanted to give this story more exposure, still they wouldn’t want to get too specific as to what actually went down.

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Instead as depicted, though again not explicitly stated, the vocalist is a perve-t who begins by luring the addressee “to the darkness”. 

In the second verse, it is indirectly revealed that said addressee is a female. And the vocalist does state his intention to “plant” this “young” lady with “a sister”, whereas at that point more quick-minded listeners may be able to instantly pick up that this is indeed a case of inc*st. And the song basically concludes with the vocalist assuring the addressee that he will protect and secure her “in the darkness”.


And yes, we do come across these kinds of tracks semi-regularly – like Nirvana’s “Polly” or “Night Shift” by Siouxie and the Banshees – where a popular musician takes on the role of a sick criminal. And if you’re wondering why such is so, well in this case for instance Josef Fritzl’s victim, his daughter Elisabeth, is on record as making the statement “just look into the cellars of other people – you might find other families and other girls down there”.

So presumably, such songs are dropped in the name of awareness. Indeed Fritzl once had a tenant, inside the same home where he imprisoned his daughter. This tenant stayed in the houst for a whopping 12 years without realizing that there was someone(s) in the cellar. Also Fritzl’s own wife, who lived in the same house, didn’t know that their daughter Elisabeth had been imprisoned inside all those years. So maybe if they had heard a song like “Wiener Blut” beforehand or in the process, they would have made related suspicions known to the proper authorities.

Facts about “Wiener Blut”

This track can be found on Rammstein’s sixth-studio album “Liebe Ist für Alle Da”. The title of this album translates to “Love Is There for Everybody”. The said outing was brought to the world courtesy the Universal Music Group on 16 October 2009.

The entire Rammstein crew co-produced this track, with its individual members being credited as its writers. We therefore have the list of songwriting credits for this track consisting of the following:

  • Richard Kruspe
  • Paul Landers
  • Till Lindemann
  • Christian Lorenz
  • Oliver Riedel
  • Christoph Schneider

The record producer Rammstein produced the song with is Swedish musician Jacob Hellner.

To note, “Wiener Blut” was not issued as a single.

Josef Fritzl, who is 87 years old as of the writing of this post, is currently serving life in prison. His crimes were discovered, after holding Elisabeth in captivity for 24 years, via a chain of events where one of the children he fathered with her got sick and needed outside medical attention.

For the record, that title of this song translates to “Viennese Blood”. And Vienna is a city in Austria, the same country that Josef is from. However, Josef’s home was actually located in a city called Amstetten.


The 2009 Josef Fritzl case is one of the most unsettling examples of psychopathic behaviors ever displayed. After 24 secretive years, Fritzl’s crimes were exposed, causing utter shock in Austria. 

Josef Fritzl began sexually abusing his daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl when she was 11years in 1977. He then kidnapped her at age 18 on the 28th of August 1984.

After deceiving Elizabeth and wooing her into a cellar in the basement of his house, Josef trapped her there for more than two decades. During this period, he repeatedly defiled and abused her.

After 8 years of being held captive, Elizabeth bore her father seven children. Three of the children were raised by Josef and his wife, Rosemarie, having reported the children as foundlings. While one child died shortly after birth and was cremated by Josef, the other three children grew up under horrible conditions in the prison cell their father/grandfather locked them up in.

Josef in an attempt to cover up his misdeeds, forged several letters supposedly written by Elisabeth, claiming that she had left home to join a cult.

Hope laid up for Elizabeth and her children in April 2008, when her 19-year-old child, Kerstin fell seriously ill and was rushed to the hospital by his father. Elizabeth was let out of her prison cellar for the first time in 24 years to see Kerstin.

The police detained Josef and Elizabeth upon their arrival after a tip. After days of investigations and tests, Josef confessed and was charged with inc*st, rape, abuse, murder, and enslavement. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on March 19, 2009.

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  1. Keine Lust says:

    Unfortunately, English translations lose a vital distinction between single-you and plural-you, which exists in German and can be seen not only in pronouns, but also in verbs — verbs when addressed to a single person has one ending, to many persons — another.

    In the original lyrics, “Come with me, come to my castle” etc. are addressed to the victim, but “Are you prepared? Are you ready? Welcome to the darkness” as well as the essential “Welcome to the reality” are addressed to the listeners.

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