“Remote Control” by Kanye West (ft. Young Thug)

Most simply explained, the title of this song (“Remote Control”) serves as a braggadocios device. In other words, when Kanye asserts that he’s “got it on remote control”, that’s basically another way of saying that he’s on top of his affairs, i.e. being able to keep his matters in order without being directly involved, so to speak. 

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Moreover, considering that he likens himself to “a CEO” in the process, it can further be ascertained that what he is actually speaking to is his high income-generating career(s).

And besides that, there are various musings contained therein on the part of West which can also be found on other Donda tracks. For instance, in the second half of the first pre-chorus, he alludes to his life having been out of control. 

However, despite the vocalist’s own personal f**k-ups, if you will, ‘God just grabbed his hand’ and expeditiously rectified the situation. And why? Because the Almighty has “a bigger plan” for Yeezus than just allowing him to ‘float down’ a negative “path”. 

Also Kanye once again, as with the song “Believe What I Say” for instance, presents himself as someone who deals with a considerable amount of social-media persecution. But neither one of those ideas are really given much light. 

Young Thug steps in

In fact by the time the second pre-chorus rolls around, Young Thus flips the afore-referenced metaphor related to the vocalist being on the wrong path to rather now celebrating the good life. But again the thesis sentiment of this track is that he and Kanye are boss figures in the game, so to speak.

Now of course in most braggadocios raps, the artists who render them don’t go about giving heartfelt shoutouts to God, such as the one mentioned earlier. Indeed Young Thug himself can very much be counted amongst the rappers who are, shall we say more worldly than religious. 

But when collaborating with the contemporary incarnation of Kanye West, even the hard rocks in the game are tasked with giving a shoutout to the Most High or what have you. And Thugger does so. However, he does it in his own special way. In doing so, he acknowledges that ‘Jesus sent him brand new clothes’, which is another way of saying that a divine power is behind his financial success.

But that noted, his verse isn’t about either topic really. Instead for the most part, this vocalist uses the opportunity to address a romantic interest, i.e. his spouse. And by the looks of things they have some type of serious beef. 

So what Thug fundamentally seems to be letting her know is that he treated her well, and therefore the way she’s acting is uncalled for. It should be noted that the aforementioned narrative apparently has nothing to do with the main topic at hand.

Primary Topic of “Remote Control”

And main topic, once again, would be the vocalists’ high standing. These days we can’t cover any Kanye West song without noting the religious references contained therein. But that doesn’t mean that all of the tunes he’s currently dropping are actually religious. And relatedly, as stated earlier, “Remote Control” is most notably braggadocios in nature.

Lyrics of "Remote Control" by Kanye West

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