“Repeat After Me (Interlude)” by The Weeknd

Repeat after me is a phrase which, via its usage in popular media, has become widely associated with the idea of trying to hypnotize somebody. And that’s the same premise in which the singer is dealing with the addressee. In other words through repetition he is trying to convince her that what he is saying is true. But obviously he also believes in the truth of his statements.

Said addressee would be his ex-girlfriend. And what he is telling her in the chorus, i.e. the hypnosis part, is that she doesn’t actually care for the guy she is currently with. Rather she is just with him for fun, and it is the singer who is actually on her mind. Moreover The Weeknd himself is not bothered that she is sensually involved under the circumstances. And that brings us to the verse, in which he is basically saying that he misses her. Moreover he is relaying a sentiment similar to another song on the “After Hours” album, “Save Your Tears”, where he acknowledges her as being in a tearful state which he wishes to alleviate. The way he would go about doing so is re-establishing a relationship with her and being more committed. So conclusively, what “Repeat After Me” boils down to is the singer trying to convince his ex to get back with him.

Lyrics of "Repeat After Me"

Writing Credits for “Repeat After Me (Interlude)”

This song was written by The Weeknd alongside the following:

  • Noah Sammak
  • Oneohtrix Point Never
  • Kevin Parker of Tame Impala fame

The latter two artists also produced the track.

Release Date

“Repeat After Me (Interlude)” came out on 20 March 2020 via Republic Records and The Weeknd XO, Inc. It is part of the playlist of The Weeknd’s fourth-studio album, “After Hours”.

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  1. Scott Mc says:

    We’ve seen this construct before in a very popular song from the 80’s, Take On Me by Aha, where the singer, in his efforts to seduce the girl, says “Say after me: It’s no better to be safe than sorry.”

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