“One Right Now” by Post Malone & The Weeknd

To understand the title of this song (“One Right Now”), the main points of the featured narrative must first be revealed. For starters, the vocalist is addressing someone whom we can safely presume would currently be his ex. Yet, he is still in his feelings. 

And that would be because, most simply put, she cheated on him, and he has yet to get over the associated pain. But in the meantime, this being the likes of The Weeknd and all, he has promptly proceeded to go about getting involved with other chicks. In fact he taunts his ex, the addressee, by letting her know that “one” of such individuals is on her way over to his place “right now”.

And so it is with the tone of the verses, as held down by Post Malone. It’s more than obvious that, as a premise, he is heartbroken. But apparently, he’s not the type to be reduced to tears upon discovering the woman he loves is being unfaithful.

So in the first verse for instance, the vocalist goes about illustrating how he treated the addressee so well only to be slapped in the face, if you will, by her infidelity. And the second verse is dedicated to Posty basically exclaiming that there is no chance for the two of them getting back together, ever. So again, whereas the homey may come off as being cruel, anyone who has actually been through such a situation would recognize that he’s been emotionally exposed by this ordeal also.

New Face

One interesting aspect of the lyrics is that in the chorus, The Weeknd sorta implies that the addressee actually told him she slept with someone else, not that he discovered such through private investigation or what have you. And another noteworthy instance is when, in the first verse, Post Malone claims that he “bought” the addressee “a new face”. And the reason that’s an intriguing statement is because it seems that as of late hip-hop has stood as the genre of music most accepting of plastic surgery, etc.

Lyrics to “One Right Now”

Facts about “One Right Now”

“One Right Now” stands as the first instance of The Weeknd, a singer from Canada and Post Malone, a primarily hip-hop artist from L.A., teaming up. At the release of this track on 5 November 2021 , both vocalists can be considered A listers and in the case of the former, A+ even.

Both vocalists are given songwriting credit, as are the track’s producers, Louis Bell, Brian Lee and Andrew Bolooki. And the other writers of “One Right Now” are Dre London and Billy Walsh.

Although The Weeknd and Malone are giving equal billing on this song, it can be considered more of a Posty. Indeed Malone hasn’t dropped any sort of album whatsoever since 2019’s “Hollywood’s Bleeding”, which was a major success.

The music video to this track is directed by Tanu Muino.

Posty and Abel got to teasing this song a few days before its release.

One Right Now

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    Maybe it’s about Angelina Jolie I mean you never really know

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    I like it,I wish I had him.I would treat him good!

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