“Prisoner” by Miley Cyrus (ft. Dua Lipa)

“Prisoner”, at least from Miley Cyrus’s perspective, is apparently based on the singer being unable to get over her ex. And along a similar vein Dua Lipa appears to be in a toxic relationship, albeit one she is unable to quit due to the feelings she has for her partner. And ultimately the reason the ladies refer to themselves as “prisoners” is because they are unable to definitively “run away” from these relationships which they have deemed are not good for them. Or stated otherwise, they feel enslaved by their feelings for their significant others.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Miley Cyrus's Prisoner at Lyrics.org.

This song came out on 19 November 2020. And it was brought to us via RCA Records, being the second single from Miley Cyrus’s album Plastic Hearts.

This is the first official recording Cyrus and Lipa have dropped in unison. Fans of the two artists knew they were working on a track together since late 2019.

Interpolated into “Prisoner” is 20th century singer Olivia Newton-John’s signature song, “Physical” (1981).

Miley Cyrus co-directed the music video to “Prisoner”, working in that regard with Alana O’Herlihy. The clip was filmed in Brooklyn, and it features images of blood upon which some publications have accordingly likened the two artists to “rock n’ roll vampires”.

Smiley Miley is also one of the co-writers of the song, as are the following:

  • Dua Lipa
  • Jon Bellion
  • Ali Tamposi
  • Watt
  • The Monsters & Strangerz (Stefan Johnson, MarcLo and Jordan Johnson). 

Moreover Watt alongside The Monsters & Strangerz produced the track.

Contrary to the sentiment contained in the lyrics, the “Prisoner” music video concludes with a diss against the singers’, particularly Miley Cyrus’s, exes.

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