“Hits Different” by Taylor Swift

“Hits Different” can be classified as both a love song and a tale of heartbreak. That is to say that what the title alludes to, premise-wise, is the vocalist herself being an experienced playa, i.e. the type to love ‘em and leave ‘em, as some would say. 

But the reason why the dissolution of her relationship with this addressee “hits different” is because this time around, Taylor unorthodoxly finds herself distraught in the aftermath of a romance falling apart.

So on one hand, the vocalist is admitting that she has a broken heart, even one that “is contagious”, such that apparently she can no longer fruitfully patronize the singles’ scene. But in terms of her being in love, she also clarifies that the reason she’s depressed isn’t because she went through a break up per se but rather who it is she broke up with, i.e. someone that she has a genuine and lasting longing for.

So perhaps we can conclude by getting philosophical and putting forth that love and heartbreak are two sides of the same coin anyway. But whereas this song does have its lyrical complexities, the vocalist isn’t even ruminating like that. Instead she is, most simply put, in her feelings and makes it very clear as to why this is so, which is the absence of the addressee.

Taylor Swift's "Hits Different" Lyrics

Facts about “Hits Different”

In a way this is the most unique song found on the playlist of “Midnights”, in that it is not featured on the standard playlist of the album nor its well-received “3am Edition”. 

Instead, this track was made exclusively available on the Deluxe CD or what some may call the “Target Exclusive” version of Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album. 

In any event, “Hits Different” still shares the same date of issuance with the main project itself, that being 21 October 2022. And Swift put this song out through Republic Records.

This track also holds the distinction of being the only one on “Midnights” that was written and produced by the trio of Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner.

“Hits Different” is one of Midnights‘ most-liked songs. Other fan favorites from the album include:

Hits Different

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