“Run Like a Rebel” by The Score

The title of this song (“Run Like a Rebel”) is synonymous with, most simply put, the vocalist refusing to comply with the mainstream.  The way he sees it is that he’s “not a number” and “can’t be defined” by the ways of the masses.  Or viewed differently, he feels as if the average man is socialized towards complacency rather than freedom, and said complacency is a form of imprisonment. So even though the lyrics of this track are a lot simpler than other songs of the same nature, underneath the surface there’s still some serious stuff going on here.

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The Score, "Run Like a Rebel" Lyrics

When was “Run Like a Rebel” released?

“Run Like a Rebel” was released on August 9 of 2019 as part of the EP, “Stay”. The EP was released by American rock band from New York, The Score.

The six-tracked EP was produced through the band’s collaboration with award winning American record producer, Tommee Profitt.


“Run Like a Rebel” was written and produced by the band itself.

Brief history of The Score

Los Angeles based duo The Score consists of Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover, creating indie-pop alternative rock tracks. The band was formed in New York City in 2011. “ATLAS” was their debut album. It came out in 2017.

Some More Dissection of the Lyrics of “Run Like a Rebel”

“Run Like a Rebel” conveys feelings of breaking free from society.

The build up from the first verse speaks of the contained excitement, anxiousness, and determination about to flow out. The shiver down his spine is what he’s been waiting for and lets him know that it’s time to break free. It’s almost like a ‘now or never’ feeling.

In my opinion, this verse reminds me of Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in The Wall” which talks about control in school.

The second verse talks about not wanting to continue living in “cages”. Here, he ponders the meaning of life and realizes that it’s not worth living in such “cages” anymore. Breaking free is what he’s determined to do, to lead his life his way away from status quo.

All in all, this song is essentially about breaking free from society’s status quo.

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