“Safaera” by Bad Bunny, Ñengo Flow & Jowell & Randy

“Safaera” is based on romantic interest, particularly in terms of the artists being sensually attracted to the addressee(s). So basically, what the vocalists are tasked with on “Safaera” is dropping their best lyrics expressing their desire to get a certain lady into bed.  And in doing so they point out certain physical qualities she possesses which have really piqued their interest. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Bad Bunny's Safaera at Lyrics.org.

And honestly speaking, they get quite graphic and getting their point across.  Or let’s say Bad Bunny and co. aren’t necessarily artistic in their approach, rather dropping lascivious lyrics which leave little to the imagination.  Indeed the word Safaera, a colloquial term from Puerto Rico, points to a concept akin to wild, lust-based bedroom fun. And by and large, such is what the vocalists want to do with the addressee. As such, the chorus of this song is largely centered on the hope that today will be the day that the singers get lucky so to speak, and that this lady who has caught their eye will actually allow them to take it there.

Facts about “Safaera”

The song came out via Rimas Music as part of Bunny’s “YHLQMDLG” album on 29 February 2020. 

It marks the first time the rapper has teamed up with the musical duo of Jowell & Randy. However, he has collaborated with Ñengo Flow in the past, in addition to featuring him on a couple of other tracks on the album.

Those four artists also wrote “Safaera”. And the track was produced by the combination of Tainy and DJ Orma.

In promoting this song, Bunny went as far as to initiate a “Safaera Challenge” on social media.

Additional vocals are contributed to this song by another Puerto Rican artist named Baby Ranks.

Was this a single from “YHLQMDLG”?

No. Only four songs were released as official singles from “YHLQMDLG”? They include:

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