“La Difícil” by Bad Bunny

All things considered Bad Bunny’s “La Difícil” can be defined as a love song.  The title of the track translate from Spanish to the word “difficult”. And this is an adjective which Bunny applies to the subject of the song, which would be his romantic interest. Indeed overall she is portrayed as a feisty individual, one whom it doesn’t seem like Bunny will ever be able to definitively lock down. That is to say that on top of being free-spirited, she is also a tough lady and one who is very-popular, to males and females alike, due to her high level of physical attractiveness. 

And whereas it is pretty obvious that this is someone whom the vocalist cares for, being involved in an intimate relationship with her and all, his affection for this lady, to some degree, can be deemed as the song’s subtopic. Rather in their entirety, the lyrics reads more like a chronicling of the type of life she lives. And whereas Bunny is very much into her, some aspects of her lifestyle also seem to frustrate him. The frustration particularly from Bunny trying to make her his steady girlfriend.

Did Bad Bunny write “La Difícil”?

“La Difícil” was written by Bad Bunny and produced by the trio of Lenex, Mora and Subelo Neo.

Release Date

Rimas Music released this track on 29 February 2020. It is the third single from Bunny’s sophomore album (that came out the same day), which is entitled “YHLQMDLG”.

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