“Ignorantes” by Bad Bunny (ft. Sech)

Bad Bunny’s “Ignorantes” is a romantic song if you will, in which the addressees would be the ex-girlfriend of the narrators. And as illustrated by  the chorus, the singers regret having parted ways with these ladies. Yes, they have had their fair share of disagreements, which Bunny feels are “normal” in such relationships. But more than anything, it appears to be intimacy with his ex that he is missing the most. 

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Meanwhile in the first verse, Sech is telling a similar ex-girlfriend that she is more than welcome to come back to him if she so desires. And in the second verse, Bunny is expressing how much he is suffering. He lets listeners know that his suffering is both emotional and physical.  

Now the title of this song translates from Spanish into English as “ignorant”.  And going back to the chorus, the boys are basically saying that such a characteristic on their part has likely contributed to the dissolution of the aforementioned relationships. Or stated differently, they apparently feel as if they are largely to blame for the unfavorable romantic situations they currently find themselves in. And as for the track overall, it is a statement of their desire to reclaim ex-girlfriends whom they are still in love with.

Lyrics of "Ignorantes"

Facts about “Ignorantes”

This is the first collaboration between Bad Bunny and Sech. The former is from Puerto Rico and the latter Panama.

The two artists wrote this song along with Dímelo Flow and the track’s producer, Soteldo.

“Ignorantes” was released by Rimas Music as the second single from Bunny’s sophomore album, “YHLQMDLG”. It’s official date of release was 14 February 2020. This song was actually the first track Bunny dropped in 2020.

FYI, in addition to “Ignorantes”, “YHLQMDLG” was supported by three singles. The other two singles are: “Vete” and “La Difícil“.

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