“Seven Nation Army” by Melanie Martinez

The writer, Jack White has mentioned that as a child, he used to call the Salvation Army, the “Seven Nation Army”. Therefore when he created the riff for this particular song, he named it the “Seven Nation Army”. The song begins with the narrator announcing his intent of fighting off all the people who are up against him. It centers on the people including fake friends who gossip and spread bad rumors about him.

The song could probably be a reference to the gossip surrounding Jack’s divorce with Meg, who was initially thought to be his sister but was rather his ex-wife. He feels like that was all people discus, and does not want it to be so. As such, he threatens to fight anyone who brings up the topic. He considers leaving to a place where he can avoid all the drama and live a normal life. However, he realizes that this would affect his own dreams and creativity. In the end, he decides to face his “home” and all the drama that comes with fame.

Lyrics of "Seven Nation Army"

A Cover Version

This is a song that Melanie Martinez covered as one of the final 10 contestants on season 3 of “The Voice”.

It was originally released by American rock duo The White Stripes in 2003.

Melanie Martinez’s rendition proved to be quite successful, with its studio version breaking the top 10 on iTunes Top 200 songs chart. It also enabled her to reach the next round of “The Voice”.

Who wrote “Seven Nation Army”?

It was written and produced by The White Stripes’ Jack White.

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