“The Principal” by Melanie Martinez

“The Principal” is a song in which Melanie Martinez is criticizing her school’s principal. It fits within the theme of her “K-12” project, in which the songstress portrays a character of a student. And her criticisms of the titular character are pretty harsh. 

n the first verse alone, amongst other unflattering attributes, she labels him as being “greedy”, “cruel” and basically a pervert. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We say this because she further alludes to the idea that his overall aloofness and heartlessness are destroying the lives of the students he has been entrusted with. Or as an encapsulation of all of her feelings about him, she claims that he is “possessed by demons”. 

And what all of these sentiments boil down to is that, despite being in a position where caring for his fellow man is intrinsically required, “the principal” is only in it for the dough. And by extension, it has been suggested that the purpose of this song is to actually serve as a diss track towards all like-minded people in similar positions of power, i.e. politicians and such.

Lyrics of "The Principal"

When did Melanie Martinez release “The Principal”?

Melanie teased this “diss” track for the very first time on 2 July 2019. It was then officially released several weeks later. The precise date of release was 6 September 2019. Melanie’s management made it available as part of her album, “K-12”. And by the way, “K-12” is Martinez’s critically acclaimed sophomore album. It features several famous tracks, including the following:

“K-12” is also a film

For those who may not know, “K-12” is also the title of a theatrical film by Martinez ( who wrote the film’s script herself). The film first premiered in the American city of Los Angeles on the 3rd of September, 2019. Martinez herself stars in the film. She actually plays a character named Cry Baby.

Writing and Production

The track was produced by Michael Keenan. Keenan also worked on the production of the entirety of the album. Furthermore, he also co-wrote the song along with Melanie.

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3 Responses

  1. Alison says:

    It was actually a diss track against President Trump but okay….

  2. Ass says:

    This song is actually talking about Trump and how he is seperating families

    • Crybaby says:

      This song is about trump
      “Kiling kids all day and night” is basically how he put kids in cages “f our dress and that not right” Hispanics have dreams of coming to the USA real meaning btw

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