“Shame Shame” by Foo Fighters

Going out on a limb, we can hypothesize that the singer has tasked himself with characterizing of an abusive substance. Or let’s say he is portraying the role of a drug for instance. And in that regard he is expounding upon the vain dependency which the addressee, i.e. the addict, has on him. In other words, whereas such an individual may be looking up to him to fulfill a certain need in his or her life, the singer himself knows that such a pursuit will lead to naught. Moreover, as implied by the title, he views the addressee’s addiction on him as being ‘shameful’.

RCA Records, in conjunction with Roswell Records, put forth “Shame Shame” on 7 November 2020. This marks the first time the Foo Fighters have dropped new music since 2017. And it is the lead single from their forthcoming album entitled Medicine at Midnight.

On the above-mentioned date, the band revealed the song to the world by performing it on the popular sketch-comedy program Saturday Night Live.

The entire Foo Fighters crew wrote and produced Shame Shame. And production-wise they worked alongside omnipresent music composer Greg Kurstin.

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