“Falling” by Harry Styles

The implication is that Harry Styles is relaying the sentiments expressed in the song “Falling” freshly after breaking up with his significant other. And it also seems pretty obvious that said breakup was not something that he actually desired. Furthermore it would appear that what got him into this predicament is ‘the drink in his wandering hands’. This would apparently indicate that not only was alcohol a factor in the dissolution of his relationship but also him cheating on his partner. 

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So now the vocalist is “falling”. This term, as utilized throughout the song, points to the notion of him descending into some sort of depressed state. And this would be the direct result of losing the woman he loves. Moreover he seems to be confused, specifically in terms of coming to grips with the new reality of having to face life without her. Indeed what he appears to fear the most is that this lady ‘will never need him again’. 

So all things considered, it can be argued that this song serves a dual purpose. One is to get the aforementioned points across to the intended addressee, which is the singer’s ex-girlfriend. And the second, implied objective is to get her to sympathize with him in his dejected state and take him back.

Lyrics of “Falling”

Facts about “Falling”

This track was written by Harry Styles with Kid Harpoon, the producer of “Falling”.

It is also a product of Columbia Records, who released “Falling” on 13 December 2019 as part of Harry Styles’ album “Fine Line”.

It has been postulated that the real-life addressee of this song is one Camille Rowe, a model Harry Styles dated for about a year back in 2017-2018.

Was this an official single from “Fine Line”?

No. “Fine Line” produced the following songs as its official singles:

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  1. CPH says:

    I really appreciate the meaning you gave- makes sense and NO ONEelse gave a good explanation like you did- I REALLY appreciate it.

  2. Queen_Jamie says:

    It reminds me of when LARRY was a thing.
    I miss LARRY so much.
    I think that this song is bout LARRY. TBH

  3. finz says:

    Are you sure it’s about him cheating, leading to the breakup? That would be rough.

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