“Sigue” by J Balvin and Ed Sheeran

The title of this song (“Sigue”), when translated from Spanish into English, simply comes out as the word “follow”. But more directly translated in context by Genius, it rather reads “keep going”. And who this instruction is being imparted onto is the addressee, who is the vocalist’s sexual interest.

To make a long song story short, well, this is in fact a reggaeton piece. Everyone familiar with the genre would already know, with the aforementioned knowledge in tow, that “keep going” would also undoubtedly be an admonishment for sexy ladies to dance – or more specifically “perreo”, i.e. twerk. Even beyond that, the boys really let it hang out on this piece by telling the addressee straight up, as once again translated by Genius, that “you and I are going to f***”.

But all lyrics of “Sigue” considered, what we are more comprehensively dealing with here is a love song, i.e. one in which the vocalist claims to not only be enamored by the addressee’s “whole body” but also ‘everything that she does’. So whereas J Balvin and Ed Sheeran took a more romantic approach on “Forever My Love“, in this case they decided to drop a track with a somewhat similar sentiment, though a lot more on the carnal tip.

J Balvin and Ed Sheeran "Sigue" Lyrics

Facts about “Sigue”

This is one of two collaborations between Ed Sheeran and J Balvin which came out on 24 March 2022. 

Sheeran is a singer from England who, most simply put, is one of the most commercially-successful musicians in industry history. Balvin, who hails from Colombia, has proven just as viable on the Latin music scene. He is actually regarded as one of the true pioneers of reggaeton. Reggaeton is a genre originating from Latin America that has been well-received in the early 21st century. 

And for the record, Balvin is three years older than Ed. That said, it appears that their music careers both commenced in 2004.

The other Sheeran/Balvin collaboration which came out concurrently with “Sigue” is entitled “Forever My Love”. Both songs are the result of a chance meeting between the two artists at a New York gym. 

To note, this song is primarily a reggaeton track being rendered entirely in Spanish. This is a language which, by the way, Sheeran doesn’t actually speak.

The name of the director of the music video to “Sigue” is José Emilio Sagaró, and the track’s producer is Tainy.

Tainy, a musician from Puerto Rico, also co-wrote this song with Sheeran, Balvin, Keityn and Justin Quiles.


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