“Ritual” by Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora

“Ritual” is a love song in which the singer (Rita Ora) is referring to her significant other as her “ritual”. This is her artistic way of saying that being with him is a routine she has become dedicated to. And this is due to the sensations she feels when she is with him (in private) as well as the overall affection she has for him.

So this track basically features her praising their relationship. She implores him to remember “how much (she) care(s)” despite how she may “act”, which insinuates that at times she irritates him. But generally speaking, this song centers on the pleasurable, physical side of their romance. And in that regard, she uses certain religious terms that are associated with the idea of ‘rituals’ to get her point across. For instance, she states that she sings “like a prayer” when he touches her in a certain place. Ora also says that her lover “worship(s)” her “beneath the sheets”. Both of these statements have a strong sensual connotation, which helps to illustrate to the listener the overall context in which this track is presented. In other words, Rita Ora’s “ritual” with her partner is largely centered on the intimate encounters they have.

Lyrics of "Ritual"

Facts about “Ritual”

  • This is the first time either of the three headline artists collaborated with each other.
  • Tiësto and Jonas Blue co-wrote the song with the following songwriters: Stonebank, Fraser T. Smith, Grace Barker and Wayne Hector.
  • Being both DJs, Tiësto and Blue accordingly produced “Ritual” with further input from Stonebank.
  • Tiësto, Blue and Ora teased the release of this track shortly before it was released.

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