“Sweet Creature” by Harry Styles

This is Harry Styles classic is a love song in which the narrator refers to his significant other, the addressee, as “sweet creature”. And there are two storylines running throughout. One is that the relationship has its challenges, with the two of them both being disagreeable type. However, Harry mainly attributes that unfavorable aspect of their union to their youth. And that brings us to the second sentiment, which is also the primary emotion being put forth. And that would be his love for the addressee. 

So conclusively, what he is basically saying that is no matter what negativity may transpire between them, at the end of the day his love will inevitably bring him “home” to the one he loves.

This is an early hit from Harry Styles’ solo catalog, being one of the tracks from his debut, self-titled album. Harry’s management released it as a promotional single for the project on 2 May 2017. And it fared well for itself, charting in many territories, including Britain and America.

This track was produced by the collective of Jeff Bhasker, Tyler Johnson, Alex Salibian and Kid Harpoon. Harpoon, who also co-wrote the song with Harry, said that they were inspired by the sound of Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Harry did more or less reveal that “Sweet Creature” is in fact about someone in his life.  However, he did not go as far as elaborate who this person is. And along that same frame of thought, he went on to suggest that he prefers when audiences interpret songs in their own individual ways.

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  1. meitemaya1200 says:

    i mean… um.. i thi- i think that…. u get the idea lol. love this song and Harry!!

  2. Bobbie says:

    I Actually Helped Harry Styles Write This Song

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