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“TiK ToK” by Kesha

Just to get this out of the way from the onset, this track was dropped back in 2009 and therefore is not about the globally-viral mobile app TikTok, which traces its origins to 2016. Instead,...

Nobody Gets Me

SZA’s “Nobody Gets Me” Meaning

SZA is not known to be dating anyone at the moment, i.e. at the release of “Nobody Gets Me”. In fact according to her documented dating history, the only two men she had ever been...


“Grrrls” by Lizzo 

Lizzo’s “Grrrls” is somewhat of an odd outing. The thesis sentiment revolves around Lizzo celebrating her sistren, i.e. this being a dance-based, female-empowerment song. But the way the vocalist illustrates her sisterhood in the first verse...