Charlie Puth’s “I Warned Myself” Lyrics Meaning

Charlie Puth’s “I Warned Myself” is a song that finds the singer lamenting the fact that he ‘warned himself’ against getting romantically involved with a certain lady but still did so anyway. Puth knew messing with her was like “playing with fire“. And accordingly, in the apparent aftermath of their relationship, he finds himself heartbroken, thus this song.

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The main reason Puth’s mind was telling him not to get involved was obviously the fact that she already has a lover. However, with that person being “overseas… on tour”, she assured Puth that he would not be a factor.  But now the singer realizes that was so untrue.

He also insinuates that she insisted on keeping their relationship on the down low, as in secretive. But at the same time she assured him that she “had nothing to hide”. And the singer has come to realize that expression also “was a lie”.

So the cumulative sentiments Puth is putting forth in the chorus are regret and heartbreak. However, he has also come to acknowledge that taking such romantic risks are a part of his personality. Thus he is likely to commit a similar offence in the future.

Is “I Warned Myself” about Puth’s relationship with Selena Gomez?

On a more-personal level, it has been speculated that this song may be about one of his real-life relationships. And indeed, based on comments Puth has made in the past concerning his brief romance with Selena Gomez, who at the time was known as the girlfriend of Justin Bieber, it is very feasible that she is the one he is singing about.

Lyrics of "I Warned Myself"

Charlie Puth explains song’s meaning

In a Twitter post, Puth said this tune is simply about constantly going back to a lover even though you know they’re bad for you. FYI, in talking about the tune’s meaning, Puth never mentioned whether the lyrics are fiction or fact.

Charlie Puth explains the meaning of "I Warned Myself"

Release of “I Warned Myself”

The first time Puth teased this track was on 15 August 2019 via his Instagram account. During the tease, he introduced the song to fans as the first of three new songs he had forthcoming.

“I Warned Myself” was subsequently released as a standalone single on 21 August 2019. The released marked first-solo track  Puth dropped that year.

Writing and Production Credits

Puth and Benny Blanco teamed up to both write and produce “I Warned Myself”.

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