“Doom” by Juice WRLD

Perhaps the best way of describing “Doom” is as it being a combination come-up and love song, with more of an emphasis on the latter, Juice WRLD style. That basically means that this story is not being relayed from the perspective of a hip-hop artist who thinks he’s perfect or infallible. Instead it’s like one way or another, Juice was always able to recognize just how messed up life can be.

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For instance, in the first verse, the vocalist notes how he has been able to expeditiously blowup, from being an unknown artist to now a Hollywood-worthy music star. But a rich income also means more money to spend on drugs. So accordingly, it’s like now he’s higher than ever.

But that part of the narrative is more like the introduction, as the heart of the story is rather based on Juice’s interactions with romantic interests. More specifically, there is a lady in particular who dominates the focus of the second verse and chorus. 

And the chorus is where the title of the song comes into play. And what the vocalist is insinuating in that regard is that he consumes a lot of drugs in the hopes of one day ODing. But this lady has sorta given him a new lease on life. 

That is to say that the vocalist is no longer suicidal. Indeed the nature of this relationship, where the two participants may be in love yet simultaneously depressed, is further indicative of his belief that the world is messed up.

In Conclusion

The above is why early we put forth that this is a true Juice WRLD love song. Juice, no matter how much he was chillin’, never failed to acknowledge he was suffering from depression, and that said malady is actually common in today’s world. And in this case where the emphasis may primarily be on himself, it is also such an assertion that he is ultimately making.

Lyrics of "Doom" by Juice WRLD

When was “Doom” released?

Juice’s team (Grade A Productions and Interscope Records) officially released his “Fighting Demons” album in December of 2021. The album, which was released about 2 years after his tragic death, is actually the second posthumous album of his. It contains a total of 18 songs, including “Doom”.

Prior to being officially released in 2021, “Doom” actually did leak somewhere in August of 2019. This was a few months before Juice died of a drug overdose.


There are four credited writers of “Doom”, including Wrld of course. The other three are:

  • Blake Slatkin (who is currently best known for co-writing The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber’s “Stay” song)
  • David Biral
  • Denzel Baptiste

Both David and Denzel are best known for being members of Take a Daytrip. Take a Daytrip is a songwriting and production duo from the United States. Since they became professionally active in 2014, they have produced a lot of hits singles, including “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes and “Panini” by Lil Nas X.

This isn’t the first time they are working on a Juice WRLD track. For example, the duo co-wrote and produced Juice Wrld’s 2018 hit song “Legends“.


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