“What Would You Do?” by Tate McRae

Tate McRae’s “What Would You Do?” really isn’t overtly romantic, but the logical implication would be that the vocalist is addressing her boyfriend. Premise-wise, he is presented as someone who ‘takes her for granted’. Moreover, Tate is convinced that he’s conceited.

So the question she is asking in the title, in full, basically boils down to ‘what would he do’ if she suddenly and irrevocably dumped him. And if so, Tate will do him in a way so that it really hurts. But in the vocalist’s mind, that wouldn’t be doing him dirty. Rather, it would be his just compensation if she mercilessly excommunicated him, ‘giving back all the pain’ he has made her endure.

But this is just a “hope” of the vocalist since, as it currently stands, she doesn’t know how he will react. So it can be said that this track revolves around a revenge fantasy, though really what’s being insinuated is that Tate hopes the addressee wises up and starts to treat her right.

Tate McRae, "What Would You Do?" Lyrics

Tate McRae

As of the dropping of this track on 13 May 2022, Tate McRae has been hard in the game for almost a decade. And considering that she is concurrently 18 years old, that means she has true childhood industry experience.

But initially, McRae was known for her dancing skills. And it wasn’t until 2017 that she dropped her first tack, “One Day”. 

“What Would You Do?”

In 2022, RCA launched her first full-length studio album. That project is titled “I Used to Think I Could Fly”, and “What Would You Do?” is its first single.

Charlie Puth worked with Blake Slatkin and Alexander 23 in writing and producing this track. And Tate McRae also co-wrote the song.

What Would You Do?

Tate McRae’s “I Used to Think I Could Fly” Album

“I Used to Think I Could Fly” is the maiden studio album by Canadian artist Tate McRae. This 13-track set follows the singer’s second EP, “Too Young to Be Sad”, which dropped in March 2021.

This album is a product of American record company, RCA Records.

The record was preceded by a number of singles, with the first being “Feel Like S–t“. This single came out on November 11 of 2021. The second single, “She’s All I Wanna Be“, was issued on February 4, the following year.

On March 25 of 2022 the singer dropped “Chaotic” as the third single from this album. And the fourth single, “What Would You Do?”, was officially made public in May.

Production credits for this record goes to Grammy Award-winning American producer Greg Kurstin alongside Russel Chell and Jasper Harris.

To note, prior to the album’s release, McRae shared the project’s tracklist via an Instagram post she made on April 11 of 2022.

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