“Mood” by 24kGoldn (ft. Iann Dior)

The lyrics of “Mood” aren’t difficult to understand in the least. But still, as far as cohesion goes, it may not abundantly be clear what the vocalists are trying to get at. Or let’s say that the issues Iann Dior and 24kGoldn have with their respective girlfriends’ ‘moods’ are similar (according to the chorus) but not one in the same (based on the verses). 

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In Iann’s case, it reads as if his shorty desires a level of commitment from him that he is not ready to give. Meanwhile his collaborator’s verse reads more as if his lady isn’t serious enough, or something like that.

In any event, the young artists are able to understand that sometimes people use romance to hide other issues, such as, as stated in the pre-chorus, “depression”. And apparently, what it is they’re afraid of, so to speak, is being ‘victimized’ by love. And as further elaborated in the actual chorus, this “mood” of addressee’s which they have an issue has something to do with her acting too conceited and bossy for their liking.


It has been pointed out that this song was put together on the fly. And whereas by all accounts “Mood” is indeed slappin’, from a lyrical standpoint, its impromptuness shows. That is to say that the verses and chorus aren’t necessarily in congruence with each other, in terms of conclusively putting forth what it is exactly the homeys have problems with as far as their girlfriends’ moods. But what does effectively come through is the idea that neither Goldn or Iann are privy to being emotionally controlled by a lover.

Lyrics to 24kGoldn's "Mood"

24kGoldn and Iann Dior

24kGoldn is a rapper from San Francisco whose first single, “Ballin’ Like Shareef”, came out in 2018. Since then he’s scored a couple of hits, most notably amongst them being “Mood”, a collaboration with a Puerto Rican rapper (from Texas) named Iann Dior. And for the record, 24kGoldn himself is of African-American and Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

At the time this song was dropped on 24 July 2020, 24kGoldn was 19 years old and Iann Dior, 21. 

“Mood” is a product of Columbia Records in conjunction with another record label simply known as Records, being the lead single from “El Dorado”, Goldn’s debut LP.

This appears to be the first vocal collaboration between 24kGoldn and Iann Dior. However, the two of them were already associates. For example, Goldn co-wrote Iann’s first single, 2019’s “Gone Girl”.

Interesting to note is that “Mood” actually originated from the two of them chillin’ together. They were actually playing the popular videogame Call of Duty in the company of KBeaZy and Omer Fedi, two of the track’s producers (with the other being Blake Slatkin). And to note, the two vocalists and three producers are also credited as the writers of this track.

Success of “Mood”

Even though, as noted, when this song was released 24kGoldn had already been involved in a couple of hits, as was Iann Dior (to a lesser degree), this could be considered the breakthrough song for both of them. For instance, it was via “Mood” that the pair each earned their first television appearance, which was on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! in October 2020.

This song proved to be a major international success, being dubbed by the New York Times as “the first smash hit of 2021”. For instance, it topped music charts in nearly 20 countries, including holding the distinction of doing so on both the UK Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100. 

In fact “Mood”, quite impressively, managed to reach number one on seven different Billboard charts stateside. And in terms of its overall global performance, it charted in over 35 nations. Additionally, this song reached multi-platinum status in about a dozen of them. In doing so, it went five times platinum in the United States and nine times platinum in Canada.

Music Video

The director of this track’s music video is an NYU graduate by the name of Sebastian Sdaigui.

Performance on the Charts

“Mood” was a smash hit in over a dozen countries, including United Kingdom and United States of America.

United Kingdom#1
United States of America#1
Czech Republic#1
New Zealand#1

It was also well received in the following countries, making it into the Top-10 charts:

South Africa#5

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