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“Home” by Scotty McCreery

“Home” is derived from Scotty McCreery’s Same Truck project, an album which is largely dedicated to the singer’s small-town roots. Accordingly, many of the tracks contained therein serve the purpose of idealizing such a lifestyle. But in this...

Small Town Girl

“Small Town Girl” by Scotty McCreery

The album “Small Town Girl” is derived from, “Same Truck”, is one in which, as its name sorta implies, is partially inspired by Scotty McCreery’s small-town roots. And in this particular piece he is delineating the type of...

Carolina to Me

“Carolina to Me” by Scotty McCreery

As we have noted prior, Scotty McCreery grew up in small-town North Carolina. His experiences there were obviously edifying enough to inspire him to drop other tracks concurrently with this one that are in recognition...