“That Kind of Fire” by Scotty McCreery

From the onset of this piece, the vocalist lets it be known that the “fire” referred to in the title is not of the literal variety. Rather it is a metaphor for the hots that he has for the addressee. That is to say that she is someone whom he is very attracted to from a sexual standpoint.

So the way this song is structured is that the verses are based on Scotty alluding to exactly what “kind of fire” he is referring to. But the chorus is more direct in terms of implying, most simply put, that he is talking about sex. Indeed, as Scotty McCreery himself sorta acknowledged, this is actually one of the raunchiest country songs we’ve ever come across. But being that this is in fact country music, the language utilized is still kinda far from being NSFW.

"That Kind of Fire" Lyrics

Credits for “That Kind of Fire”

Scotty McCreery co-wrote “That Kind of Fire”. And he described it as ‘the steamiest song he’s put out’, one that he wouldn’t have had the nerve to release in previous years. 

The other authors of this song are:

  • Josh Hoge
  • Justin Wilson
  • Matt McVaney

And its producers, who served the same roles throughout most of the aforementioned album, are:

  • Derek Wells
  • Aaron Eshuis
  • Frank Rogers

Release Date

And concerning the issuance of this track, that was done so by Triple Tigers on the date of 17 September 2021, with this being a part of McCreery’s album that they released on that very day entitled “Same Truck”.

That Kind of Fire

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