“How Ya Doin’ Up There” by Scotty McCreery

As we have noted in our analysis of a couple of other tracks from “Same Truck”, Scotty McCreery is a publicly-recognized Christian. This is a standard the singer established very early in his career, back in his reality TV days. But that said, it isn’t like “Same Truck” is a religious album. Well, that is until you get up to the final song on its playlist, “How Ya Doin’ Up There”.

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And Scotty decides to take a different approach than dropping your standard token-praise song. Instead, the ‘you’ being referred to in the title would actually be God. In other words, in all honesty when most of us pray, we do so for what can be considered selfish reasons. 

This is something McCreery acknowledges in the second verse, that this time he’s not praying due to a personal want or necessity. Instead, as implied by the title, he’s rather checking on God’s welfare. Or as further expounded in what appears to be the bridge of the song, he has reasoned that the Lord must be pretty depressed looking down on Earth nowadays, which is filled with “hate”, “worry and… fear”, as well as a lack of faith and “the devil (being) on a roll”.

So ultimately, this song isn’t necessarily religious per se. It is what we would often classify as a social-commentary piece. But this differs from most tracks that fall into this category in that the bulk of the lyrics of this track are not dedicated to chronicling the maladies of the world. Rather the focus is on a prayer-based conversation waged between the vocalist and God, where the former is actually inquiring on the wellbeing of the latter.

"How Ya Doin' Up There" Lyrics

Did Scotty McCreery write “How Ya Doin’ Up There”?

As with virtually all the songs on “Same Truck”, Scotty McCreery co-wrote this one also. And in the case of “How Ya Doin’ Up There, he accomplished the task alongside “three others. They are:

  • Monty Criswell
  • Tyler Reeve
  • Derek George 

And the track was produced by a trio of record producers. They following are the members of the trio:

  • Aaron Eshuis
  • Frank Rogers
  • Derek Wells

The “Same Truck” Album

“Same Truck” is the album featuring this song, which Scotty McCreery put out via Triple Tigers on 17 September 2021. The album proceeded to appear on the Billboard 200 and break the top 10 of the US Top Country Albums chart.

How Ya Doin' Up There

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